Ted Hamrick

Obituary of Ted Colin Hamrick

In Loving Memory of Ted Hamrick


Ted, a man whose life was painted with hues of laughter, imperfection, and determination left us on October 2, 2023. He was a person of unique qualities, and will be remembered for his humor. 

Born on May 17, 1955 in Bremerton WA, after which the family moved with the Navy until finally settling in Tumwater in 1966.  

Ted lived a life of adventure and wit. He found humor in the most ordinary moments, often making light of his mishaps and turning them into punchlines. Despite his flaws and quirks, Ted had a big heart and cherished his time with the young men in our family. He gave them an opportunity to bend the rules and make lifelong memories. He also created loving connections with the women in the family, and played the role of crazy uncle in a way that is unrivaled. 

He leaves behind a legacy of unforgettable laughter reminding us all that imperfections are what make us human, and humor is a balm for the soul. 

In times of sorrow, we find solace in the memories we shared with him and his laugh will echo in our hearts along with his witty anecdotes that will forever bring a smile to our faces. 

May he rest in sweet peace knowing he brought laughter to a world that desperately needed it. 

Mr. Hamrick is survived by his mother, Arlene Hansen, brother, Kevin (Grace), sisters Gail and Ginnie, his daughters, Stephanie and her children Celine and Phoebe, and Billie Tripp (Carl) and their children Whitney and Kristen, and great grandsons Brandon and Kamari. Aunt Janet Rufener (Ken), cousins (Debbie, David, Patty, Ron) and many beloved nieces and nephews (Kimberly, Patti, Laura, Kyle, Kaia, Kami, Kasey, Isaac, Josiah, Carla, Tristan, Nathan). A celebration of life will be held on October 15, 2023 at his mother’s home. 

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