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Obituary of Jacqueline Rae Springer

Jacqueline “Jackie” Rae Springer


Born 11/2/1954 – Called Home 5/27/2022


Jackie was the youngest of the four beautiful Alberta “Bertie” and Joseph “Bill” Smith Daughters, born and raised in South Tacoma WA. 


Beautiful inside and out, intelligent, determined and stubborn from the womb. Headstrong as a toddler, her sisters remember that she would hold her breath until she passed out. Lifelong character traits that served her well in school, marriage, parenting and through her final moments. 


Attending Edison Elementary, Gray Junior High, Mount Tahoma High School Class of 1973, Washington State University and later earned an additional Executive Assistant, Office Manager certificate from Clover Park Technical College after Justin was in High School, Lindsay was in Middle School.

A love story of which fairy tales are written-

3 years of Homeroom flirtations at Mount Tahoma led to a chance meeting at High School Graduation Party in June of ’73 that would change her life forever.

At Christmas of ’73 Mike gave Jackie a promise ring, in the summer of ’74 it was an engagement ring and wedding plans. Their nearly 3-year courtship made its way to the alter March 22nd, 1975.

Only after crashing the bachelor party morning after, finding Mike and the fellas blurry eyed and fat headed.  Mother-in-Law to be in tow, this early morning visit was made under the disguise that the cake needed to be picked up, Mike naturally offered the motorcycle.

As a Wife she loved, was loved and without a doubt spoiled by her best friend Mike, having children Justin and Lindsay. Celebrating 47 years of marriage this past spring, Jackie was Mike’s entertainment, favorite target of consistent and constant inside jokes and pranks. Spending just an afternoon with them, it was easy to see they had the special something, certainly way past finishing each other’s thoughts. They cherished one another, cultivated each other’s strengths and nourished the flaws. Flowers on Fridays just because, her special perfume, early marriage fights that lead to impromptu “Where are WE going?” make up road trip get-a-ways.  His evil giggle and her sheepish neither confirm nor deny grin, she was always a lady.

Grateful and thankful for what they had accomplished together. On full display was a proud moment a few years back during the couple’s dance at her niece Kristy’s wedding, as soon as it was called out, I remember saying this is going to be something to see.

1 year or less please exit the dance floor, 5 years or less please exit, 10 years, 15, 20, 25, 30 seriously? 35 years WOW…. Everything stopped, the MC with the microphone comes over and has Jackie and Mike tell everyone how long they had been together, the moment was met with a huge round of applause and how have you done it?? Her response was “He makes me laugh”.

Jackie seized opportunities as a stay-at-home Mom, modeled, sold and held in home parties for Jafra cosmetics for years. She started a house cleaning business for family and friends, kept and maintained a full route scheduling around the end of the kid’s school day. This later lead to the family janitorial business that Jackie and husband Mike ran for over 20+ years. 


Jackie was goal driven, keeping her eyes on the prize. She wanted a home in what would later become University Place, she would cruise the area between her appointments, construction site or not. Searching with a smile and wave if we were caught in an area that was off limits. Grabbing a coffee or lunch and looping through all the neighborhoods searching for her perfect family home. Stopping on the way back for the “Homes” for sale magazines to plan and map the next visit to the area.


In 1993, she found her dream home, the constant hard work had paid off, the long nights of janitorial, budget talks at the kitchen table. She talked Mike into coming to the open house for the model home and by Christmas Eve they closed on her dream. All the hard work, searching, worrying, all the hope and prayers could be seen in the smile on Jackie’s face.


Jackie was a great friend, it didn’t matter how much time had passed between interactions, she would pick up the conversation like it was just yesterday.


Caring, selfless and motherly, choosing more often to ask how you are doing over recounting her own aliments and treatment, when is your next appointment?

She would make time to cook, meal share with aging family, of course there was always time for visiting, a pedicure and catching up over or sneaking off for a good cup coffee.


Jackie’s nearly 20 years at Clover Park Technical College and later Bates she found fulfillment in helping students young and old with the financial aid and the loans needed to realize their own goals. She enjoyed the challenge of the process as well as meeting new people every quarter.


Taking a medically necessary retirement, she loved visits by the Grandchildren, “I have beautiful grandchildren that mean the world to me, without them I would be lonely.” –Jackie


Trips to visit her sister and evenings at the Lakewood Elks Lodge and playing bingo with friends whenever possible.


Being a momma’s boy, this year’s Mother’s Day card was an epic search. I made special trips and read nearly everyone at all the local stores but only found the perfect one at the hardware store of all places. She would’ve been happy with a handpicked dandelion from the neighbor’s yard of my toddler years, a note written with a broken crayon on the back of that week’s missing shopping list like when I was 9. This year was different, we were past the heart shaped broken rocks and childhood scribbles. The hardest part was I knew deep in my chest this would likely be the last card I would ever purchase for her; it was crushing and heartbreaking. I could feel the tear building in the corner of my eye as I found it… A little gray haired old timer uncomfortably hunched from what I assume was years of hard labor was also looking at cards. He broke the silence like old men do with a gravelly “Wife or Mother?” I replied, “Mom”. Without seeing the card in my hand or missing a beat and huge smile “Lucky Man, aren’t they special?!? She’s going to love it.”


This year’s card read:

Life doesn’t come with an instruction manual; God gives us a mother….


In my teenage years, God had blessed us with an Elite Defense Attorney instead of a pants suit and an objection it was a messy bun and a signature clinching of the teeth, stop you in your tracks, stern I mean business mom look. Guilty or not, we were hers and she would be the arbiter of the infraction ensuring the punishment fit the crime.


We love you so much, thank you for everything.




Jackie is survived by husband Michael S. Springer, son Justin M. Smith (Erica). grand children, Ethan M. Smith, Cadence L. Smith and Justice R. Smith. sister Patricia McKinnon, brother-in-law Patrick F. Springer, Nephews Marvin “The Favorite” Dillashaw (Teresa), Shane R. Springer, cousin Chris Remeto Soikowski many more cousins, nieces, nephews. Estranged daughter Lindsay A. Smith.



A Celebration of Life is scheduled for August 7, 2022, 2pm-6pm at the Lakewood Elks Lodge 2388 (6313 75th St W, Lakewood WA 98499-8369) For planning purposes please RSVP on the Facebook Events Page, or please feel free to reach out to Justin at 253-335-5090 with a text message.





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