Deborah Hammond

Obituary of Deborah Carla Hammond

Debbie Hammond passed away on March 3, 2022 at the age of 55 after a courageous battle with kidney disease and diabetes. This, like all obituaries will list the details of her life and the loved ones she leaves behind. What we would like you to know about Debbie is that she was the most lovingly good-hearted soul one could cross paths with. She was innocent at heart with a smile for all whom she encountered. Her foundation was one of endurance and strength that was never more apparent than in the last few years of her life.

Unfortunately, Debbie traveled many a path of illness with her family always by her side with her dad leading the brigade. Deb’s perspective on life consisted of “tomorrow is always a better day” filled with “unicorns in the sky”. Deb loved unicorns – the sparkler the better!

Deb was a daughter, a sister, a mom, an aunt and a friend. However, there is so much more to each and everyone one of us than labels. The essence of Deb was pure! She wasn’t dealt a hand in life that by any means was easy. Deb was a LIGHT in her loved one’s lives.

Each family has “that” person that just simply is a good seed. Deb was our good seed. She was always eager and ready to help her dad Norm out with yard work or other household duties – while others would scatter. Not Deb! She was eager to please and hang out with her dad. This quickly made her the favorite, a position her sisters used to their advantage. When they wanted a special treat or adventure they would recruit Deb to ask their dad knowing she had the upper hand. The majority of the time she was successful with her angelic & persuasive smile.

Deb’s suffering and eventual death while heartbreaking and final for her loved ones, also leaves a message that we must all listen too. Her death closes a chapter on a life of long suffering and yet in her death there is a reminder that hope exists. Hope that we hug more, love with determination and that we believe in our own unicorns. While Deb is no longer with us the knowledge that she is smiling up in heaven finally riding that pink sparkly unicorn with a smile, that she was infamous for, allows us all to believe just a little bit more. Deb simply wanted joyful happiness and love. We honor her by loving each other more living by example in Deb’s pureness.

Her father and step-mom Norman & Theresa Lofgren, her mom Marsha Hanson, her daughters Catrina and Kimberly, her sisters Tracey Davis, Lauri O’Brien, Rebecca Lofgren, Amanda Hanson and Lauren Moore will miss her beyond measure and loved her beyond words. Her life was a blessing and her memory will forever be a treasure they hold close.

“How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.”

- Winnie the Pooh

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