Delores Ulsh

Obituary of Delores Marie Ulsh

Delores Marie Dahl - Ulsh was born, on what we assume, was a rainy day on Feb 6, 1943, in Portland, OR. Her parents Leo and Lily Dahl had previously been blessed with son Dwayne, and after moving the family from Oregon to North Dakota, Leo made one more move to Great Falls, MT where Delores met another Duane (Ulsh) who became the love of her life. Delores was only 15 when they met yet knew he was the one she would marry. Leo moved the family back to North Dakota where Delores continued to stay in contact with Duane, sending letters until Leo made the last family move back to Great Falls. Delores married Duane two months after her 17th birthday on May 6, 1960, spending the next 61 years building a home and family in first Ulm, MT, then Grandview, WA, and finally moving to Fox Island, WA. Delores always wanted to be surrounded by family, so with Duane's blessing grew the family to nine children over 17 years. The loss of their 2nd daughter Lynette in 1991 was a struggle that helped forge an even stronger bond due to the support Duane and Delores provided to each other and their family. The remaining children Tim Ulsh, Tyler Ulsh, Jalaine Ulsh, Jason Ulsh, Lance Ulsh, Valarie Ulsh, Vince Ulsh, and Melodie Ulsh have many memories to share with each other and their families to help Delores continue to live on in their hearts. Delores shared her love willingly, playing the role of 2nd Mom, friend, and confidante while making the Ulsh household a welcome home for many. She spent her last days at home on Fox Island, WA with her beloved husband where she passed on to join her daughter Lynette. The family celebrated Delores's life on March 12 at the Ulsh household and will not be holding additional services. Condolences or memories (no flowers please) can be shared with Edwards Memorial Funeral Home.

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