David Moore

David Paul Moore

1961 - 2021

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Obituary of David Paul Moore

David loved Life………………………….

David had many loves in his life:

  • Of course………….ME
  • He loved to travel:

Mountains in Switzerland, White water rafting in Idaho, Yellow Stone, Wyoming

(Jackson), Las Vegas, Florida Keys Scuba Diving, Alaska (I think that was his favorite) to

name a few

  • Music, Cars, Dogs, Food (not necessarily in that order)
  • Tampa Buccaneers (never missed a game even if he had to record it – which he considered bad luck).  Isn’t if funny….Bucs won the Superbowl right after Popper passed and right before David
  • Jamie (LOL)
  • Tequila, or, as he would say after a bit too much “chilled ta-kill-ya”
  • Loved to be around his friends (considered some his family)


Things you may or may not know about David:

  • David was from the city (Balitmore) and I was from the country
  • He used to have long, dark, thick, curly hair and a beard (Hippie)
  • He has one blue eye and the other eye is half brown/half blue
  • Missing the tip of his baby finger
  • He had one pierced ear (cool back in the day)
  • I saw him only once without a beard (40+ years)
  • He would have a new car every year if he could afford it
  • Loved shoes, clothes, and watches (rarely wore watches)
  • He was a FANTASTIC cook (the secret in dippin’s is sugar)
  • Youngest of 4 brothers and the runt (imagine that)
  • Our first date: He purchased (4) concert tickets and it was postponed.  Then he met me & invited me along with his 2 cousins (one is still my best friend) to the rescheduled concert.

As fate would have it………his birthday is November 14th and mine is November 13th.  We sat in seats 13 & 14.

  • When people first met him, they thought he was quiet.  Once he got to know them, he would not stop talking.  Especially on topics he loved like cars and music.
  • He always told the same corny jokes over and over
  • Once he chased a flying bat out of the house with a broom while my nieces, nephews, and I screamed with pillows over our heads
  • He dressed up as bigfoot during a Halloween party to scare our nieces & nephews when they were around 5 years old (traumatized for years)
  • He changed Bryan’s poopy diaper in the trunk of our car
  • His robe was too small and never covered his drawers (lol)
  • David had a photographic memory.  Remembered everything he ever read or heard (sometimes annoying)
  • First office job – passed a typing test and never touched a keyboard (practiced on a piece of paper where I drew a picture of the keys)
  • Owned his own successful business for 15 years
  • Very proud of his Microsoft certifications
  • He was a Tech Nerd
  • Loved his nieces & nephews, but pretended to be a hard a--, only wanting the best for each of them
  • We all know he loved Trump (be it good or bad)
  • He was a hoarder……Example: has a backpack, literally 41+ years old (red, white & blue with a metal frame).  Why, he never went camping or hiking.  LOL
  • I saw him cry at movies a few times, but he never admitted it
  • Favorite TV shows: The Walking Dead, Sons of Anarchy, Breaking Bad and Prodigal Son (& BIG TVs)
  • David was happiest making other people happy.

                He would do anything and everything to make ME happy

                Always putting me first, even when I was on his nerves

                He loved my mother like she was his mother.  He would get anything she wanted, loved to take

her out to eat and took her on several road trips.

                He was the last to visit her before she went to Heaven


For all these reasons, he was my first love and my best friend.

He spoiled me and I spoiled him.  I am so happy he chose to share his life with me.  What a great run we have had together.  I wouldn’t change a thing.  He made my dreams come true!


In lieu of flowers, I kindly suggest a donation in David Moore’s namesake to:

            FCSR (Florida Cocker Spaniel Rescue)

            PO Box 799

            Dade City, Florida   33526 (or credit cards can be processed on the website)

For which he was passionate and was a great foster.  His fur babies will really miss him.