Steven Metcalf

Steven Harris Metcalf

1963 - 2020

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Obituary of Steven Harris Metcalf

Steven Metcalf’s last day on Earth was 29 August 2020, but he will continue to live in our hearts forever. Steven is survived by his loving wife, Lisa; three children: Tasha, Trevor, and Tiffany; and grandchildren: Anthony, Sebina, Felix, and Emilia.

All the best love stories have tragic endings, and ours is no different.

Steven, my high school sweetheart. You have been my love and my light for over forty years! My world is dark without you and will be until we are together again.

I love you,

Always & Forever!


When I close my eyes, a flood of memories of you come rushing back. I see you dancing in the kitchen with mom, baking chocolate chip cookies, and snuggled up with the grandbabies for movie nights. You are playing in the grass, expertly juggling a soccer ball from head to toe and on the court, weaving a basketball through your legs. Camping in the summer, fishing, swimming in lakes and riding bikes. Squirt gun and water balloon fights. Working on your truck, remodeling the house, covered in paint and sawdust. Getting sunburnt every time you mowed the lawn. Magical Christmas morning extravaganzas and coffee mugs. Epic political rants and endless Dad jokes. Easter basket clues. Finding shapes and characters in the glittery popcorn ceiling at grandma and grandpa's house. Styx and Queen karaoke. I hope I can hold on to every little detail. Whether I needed a pep talk, a favor, or a good laugh, you were always there to save the day. You will always be my superhero, Daddy. These past few days have been unbearable. A part of me is missing without you here; I feel incomplete, like someone ran off with a handful of puzzle pieces. I wish we had more time to make memories, but I'm grateful for the ones we have. I love you, Daddy. 


I do not know how to put into words how I feel about the loss of my father.

If I had to sum it up: devastated.

He always made sure to let me know he was proud of me and encouraged me to follow my ambitions.

I'm sorry I never told him how proud I was of him.

I am infinitely proud to be the son of Steven Metcalf.

I will miss his guidance and his love more than anything, but I'm grateful he's not hurting anymore.

I love you, dad.


It wasn’t until I became a parent that I began to understand the depths of my dad’s love for his children. And when he assumed the role of Papa Steve, I was able to witness that love grow even deeper.

My dad taught me so many things in the time we had together. In his 19-year career as a Network Analyst, he taught me the value of hard work and determination. In building his and my mother’s dream home with his own two hands, he showed me how to turn dreams into reality. By being present at every soccer game no matter what, he taught me how important it is to be there for the people I love. But most importantly, he taught me to say, “I’m sorry”, and he taught me to forgive. He loved us all unconditionally. I miss him so much.