Sonja Marlene Springer

We lost our sparkle…

Sonja M. Springer “Sunny”

Born 9/12/1937 (Tacoma, WA) – Called Home 6/3/2021 (Lakewood, WA)

To know Sonja is to instantly love her, her personality had gravity drawing everyone in, you certainly were going to lose all track of time, enjoy a good cup of coffee and a little gossip. Leaving always came with a genuine promise to come and see her again.

Her tough and rebellious nature was always blamed on growing up in Tacoma’s east side in the 50’s, the youngest of immigrant Greatest Generation Parents (Justin and Anne Olsen).

She graduated from Lincoln High School (Tacoma WA), married and had 3 sons Michael, Sidney, and Patrick, teaching them young and reminding them and the boys’ friends often, who she was, where she was raised and the golden rule of just who they were messing with. Standing at just over 5 foot tall, given that particular day’s comb, curl and blow out, always dolled up and put together. She wasn’t quick to back down. Some of her favorite stories came in three versions, the son that pushed the limit, the witnessing brother and naturally hers; the one closest to the truth, always on the heels of her signature giggle leaving you always to wonder.

The boys, as sons often do… Certainly made sure she saw and heard of everything ensuring that there was never a shortage of funny stories. No matter if it was your first time hearing it or the 100th it was not hard to see a mother’s love, the tremendous amount of pride overshadowed only by how fierce she was to protect them regardless of their age, guilt, grown adult, married or whose damn chocolate cake it was. Regularly reminding you they were hers first and if they were too much for you, they could just come home.

After the boys could take care of themselves, Glitzy Glitter was born…. Sonja turned her charm, flair for the dramatic and her eagle eye for the gold conversation starting pendent hanging around your neck into a career in custom jewelry sales! Over a dozen years with Cascade Custom Jewelry, and later with International Jewelers. Most would need to read a couple of libraries full of self-help sections sales training books, tapes, seminars and corporate retreats and still never coming close to what brought her so much joy and came so naturally. Jewelry! Making friends, creating memories, and celebrating the story and love behind every piece was Sonja. Her calendar and mailbox often filled with heart felt thank you notes and wedding invites from her clients.

In retirement it was hard to tell if she loved her cherished Yorkshire Terriers, making friends, or everything that sparkled more, all made her incredibly happy.

Sonja is survived by Sons Michael S. Springer (Jackie), Patrick F. Springer. Grand Children Justin M. Smith (Erica), Lindsay A. Smith, Sidney J. Hemminger, Shane R. Springer. Great Grand Children, Ethan M. Smith, Cadence L. Smith and Justice R. Smith. Preceded in death by Parents Justin and Anne Olsen, Brother Frank N. Olsen (Yvonne) Son Sidney RK Springer Jr.

A Celebration of Life is scheduled for August 28, 2021 at the Lakewood Elks Lodge, 2388 (6313 75th St W, Lakewood WA 98499-8369) For planning purposes please RSVP on the Facebook Events Page at, or please feel free to reach out to Justin at 253-335-5090 with a text message.