Charlotte Marie Wyner

Inspirational Writer and Bio-Touch Healer, Charlotte Wyner’s love of life did not come to an end with her death. Charlotte passed away on June 1, 2021 at the age of 77 after a short illness.  Her family and friends will continue to honor her legacy by living our lives to the fullest.


Charlotte’s free spirit was reflected in the way that she lived on a day-to-day basis.  She loved going to movies and film festivals and cooking meals with her intimate friends.  Always searching for healing and inspiration, she recently moved to Maui “the Healing Island” to complete a book she was writing. Charlotte had an uncanny ability to make new friends and find happiness wherever she found her calling.  The fresh pineapple her friend Angelo brought to her in Maui was a small gesture that she cherished, because she truly recognized good people and good friends.  She will be missed by so many and our hearts feel broken.


Charlotte was preceded in death by her daughter, Teresa, and will be missed by her children, Traci, Tammi, Mark, and Matthew.  She leaves behind their spouses, Terry, Ted, Nicole, and Holly.  She loved her grandchildren, Andrea, Tylan, Elissa, Tristen, Dahlia, Milo, Otis, Cash, Suki, and Mason (he always called her gram cracker!) She also will be missed by her great-grandchildren, Amani, Alaia, Jojo, Elijah, Isaiah, Zariah, ZaZa, Silas, Ramona, and Jude. 


And last but not least, she leaves behind the wonderful Vernon Armstrong and his lovely daughter, Sandy.


Inspire, reach out with kindness, and share a smile with someone whenever you think of our wonderful mother, Charlotte.